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Apr 18, 2019

We invite all the kids and families to join us and participate in our Challenge

Cake Splat is easy: pour some cream on top of the cake handle, throw the dice and see what number of times you’ll have to spin the dial.

Place your face in between the mask and start clicking the number that you got,

Try not to flinch as the completely randomly activated handle threatens to splat your face with cream with every click it makes!

Then now comes the best part: pass it on to your friends as it is their turn to try and avoid making your day a lot funnier!

Cake Splat is extremely friendly and easy to play.

تبدا اللعبة بوضع بعض كريم على رأس المقبض و رمي النرد لمعرفةعدد الضربات, يضع اللاعب راسه خلف

المقبض و يضغط على المقبض حسب عدد الضاهر في النرد

التحدي عندما يكمل الاعب الضربات دون اصابتع بالكريم فيقوم بتمريرها للاعب الثاني للمحاولة

Kiddy Zone – Where fun and learning never end !!!   It’s worth the journey. Build beautiful memories !!!!

LOCATION: Kiddy Zone – LANDMARK                               WHEN: Thursday 18th of April to Saturday 20th of April
TIME: 7 pm to 9 pm                                                                           WHO: All Family & Friends

-304Day -4Hrs -5Mins -6more..



Mar 6, 2019

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Mar 6, 2019

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Mar 12, 2019

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